Sean Lingren

I am the Director of Infrastructure, Security, and Developer Experience at Loom building tools to scale our platform. I also contribute to open source and have a few projects of my own.

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uptime is a simple static site that helps you calculate what duration of downtime is permitted for a given availability percentage.

Website  •  GitHub


go-fault is a fault injection library that I wrote and open sourced while on the Chaos Engineering team at GitHub. Fault is written in Go and provides a fault injection interface through standard net/http middleware.



vaku is a project written in Go that provides an API and CLI for advanced functions on Vault k/v secret engines. Use vaku to copy, move, and search Vault folders, even between v1 and v2 backends.

Website  •  GitHub

Vault Infra

Vault Infra is a project I wrote and open sourced at Amount that provides a secure Vault deployment in AWS using Packer and Terraform.


Infra Personal

Infra Personal is an open source repo that contains 100% of my personal infrastructure, including the resources to run this website. It securely manages my home network and multi-account AWS setup. This project is sponsored by AWS Open Source.



My dotfiles continuously configure all of my local machines using Ansible. Every system settting, package install, and shell alias is defined in this repo and applied with a simple dot command that I run daily.



cami is a simple CLI/API for removing unused AMIs from an AWS account.



glen is a simple CLI that reads your GitLab CI variables and exports them locally.